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Baked Peaches with Blackberry Sauce

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Photo Ben Gebo Photography

Ben Gebo Photography

STRATEGY SESSION: The stars of this recipe do the work of keeping fat and calories low and flavor high. Heat locks in the flavor of the peaches and a splash of vinegar adds some pizzazz. Although sugar has a high glycemic index , I limit its impact by using as little as possible (and it is very little). The effect of even this small amount is blunted by the lower GI of  the peaches and berries, so the glycemic load of the entire dessert is moderated.

Timing is everything when it comes to peach consumption, and I’ve spent years in pursuit of a fool-proof system. My current approach is to buy only as many peaches as I can eat the following day, and I make sure they’re just shy of my personal ideal of ripeness.

This method works as long as I’m the only peach-eater; when others are involved, forget it. Who knows how many they’ll eat and when? So, despite my careful planning, I occasionally end up with perfectly ripe fruit and no takers. Left at room temperature, it will over-ripen and rot; refrigerated, it will go mealy. My solution involves a brief turn in a hot oven, which preserves much of a ripe peach’s flavor without destroying its texture. (It does change the texture somewhat, but it doesn’t make it mushy.) The result will keep in the fridge for several days.

Baked peaches are delicious with Greek yogurt for breakfast or with frozen yogurt for dessert. (My homemade Sweet Cream Ice Cream isn’t too bad either- but that’s for special occasions only.) If you’re willing to invest a little more time, you can make a gorgeous blackberry sauce and transform a rescue into a celebration.

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  • July 26 2010, 8:14 AM

    Buzzed it, and love blackberries so much.. just did a salad and can’t wait to try it with those peaches. I made a blackberry peach pie once, it tasted great but the color was… unfortunate!! Great tip about the peaches.

  • July 26 2010, 9:18 AM

    Thanks, Deana. You’ll get all the color you want this way…

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