Blanching and Drying Spinach

Putting spinach through the ringer.

Breakfast Cakes

Porridge never had it so good.

Chayote Prep

Do the chayote.

Chicken Liposuction, Part 1 (Split Broiler)

An undercover mission to reduce fat.

Chicken Liposuction, Part 2 (Thighs)

A take-no-prisoners approach to trimming thighs.

Chicken: Under-the-Skin Flavoring

The juice will be dripping down your chin!

Crushing Tomatoes by Hand

To make a great marinara sauce, you have to get your hands dirty.

Degreasing Liquids

Why scrape and spoon when you can zip and drip?

Escarole Prep

True grit

Foil Roasting (Fennel)

A terrific way to intensify flavor without adding fat.