I consider myself a healthy food strategist, rather than a diet doctor or nutrition guru. With the goal of preserving flavor ever in mind, I employ various strategies for reducing fat and calories, improving the nutritional profile of the fats in every dish, and moderating glycemic load.

At the top of each post, you'll find a STRATEGY SESSION in which I present the thinking behind the recipe. Although I encourage you to try the dishes that appear in my Recipe of the Week blog (and I hope you enjoy them), the goal of this website is to teach you how to approach the healthy transformation of any recipe that you read. My hope is that you'll internalize the mental process so that you'll be able to reduce fat and calories, upgrade fat composition, and moderate glycemic load whenever you cook whatever you cook.

That's why the centerpiece of this site is a comprehensive list of strategies and techniques I routinely use to make recipes healthier. Below, you'll find videos and voice threads describing how to use these strategies in your own cooking. Once you do, you can post your transformed recipes in the Recipe Spa and get feedback from me and the community.

Chicken Liposuction, Part 1 The meticulous trimming of a split broiler

Chicken Liposuction, Part 2 The meticulous trimming of chicken thighs

Crushing Tomatoes by Hand How to achieve the perfect texture

Degreasing Liquids The best way to remove fat from pan drippings.

Foil Roasting (Fennel) Intensifying flavor without adding fat

Guide to Degreasing Pan Drippings The definitive procedure for removing fat

Pooling Oil Maximum flavor with minimum fat

Pork Surgery The meticulous trimming of a pork tenderloin

Reducing Liquids Evaporating water to intensify flavor

Roasting Peppers Using heat to intensify flavor