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Deborah says: “I fell in love with this vinegar years ago and have been completely spoiled by it. In my opinion, nothing else comes close in depth of flavor and body. Its luscious viscosity makes it a sauce unto itself. Use it as a glaze for steak, pork, or poultry, or drizzle it over arugula or radicchio. I even add it to roasted vegetables such as haricots verts and Brussels sprouts when they come out of the oven. It is expensive, but—believe it or not—it costs less than other balsamicos of comparable quality. It’s so rich that a little goes a long way.”

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The definitive procedure for removing fat


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  • November 22 2009, 11:47 AM

    Thanks so much for the excellent written instructions.

  • November 24 2009, 9:01 PM

    What a clever idea! Thanks.

  • November 24 2009, 9:33 PM

    You’re very welcome, Ann. Glad you liked it!

  • November 25 2009, 5:25 PM

    I am so glad to have found your comment today regarding making gravy. I am a health conscious person that likes exotic unusual foods.

  • November 25 2009, 8:29 PM

    I’m glad that you’re glad and I hope you come back often. This website is for you and everyone else out thee who cares about food and health!!

  • November 26 2009, 5:22 AM

    So glad I went to allreceipes site to check timing for my big bird for dinner and saw your post for this great easy idea! I have been using my old Pampered Chef fat remover for sooo long it is in sad shape, and so darn hard to clean! What a breaze. Wish there was a better alternative than a plastic bag, but I guess for once a year . . . I can’t wait to come back to your site and check it outafter I am done with the holiday and have rested : > Happy Thanksgiving and thank you so much!

  • December 13 2009, 5:41 PM
    Rachael Sullivan

    I use this same technique but place the bag in a Pyrex glass measuring cup in the “quick freeze” section of my freezer for about 15 minutes. The fat becomes nearly solid at the top of the bag. I grab that section with one hand and cut a slit in a bottom corner with kitchen shears and let those lean juices flow into the cup.

  • December 13 2009, 6:37 PM

    WOW, Rachael. That’s cool! It never occurred to me to put it in the freezer. I guess I’m less patient than you are. I just do it all at once right when it comes out of the oven, but it’s great to know there’s another approach. People can try it both ways and see which one works best for them.
    Thanks for sharing it!!

  • December 14 2009, 1:36 PM

    Great idea, if you are short on time. For turkey, I usually aim to have the bird done a couple of hours ahead. It rests for an hour, then I carve it onto a warm platter, cover it, and keep it warm. The turkey, with this long rest, never dries out. All this allows time to put the gravy into a shallow pan in the fridge or freezer (as per one of your other comments). When the fat hardens, I lift it off and brush the bits of broth from the bottom of the fat into the broth pan. SAVES USING PLASTIC BAGS-so a greener alternative.

  • December 14 2009, 1:53 PM

    Thanks for responding. I agree with you that the plastic bag solution is not ideal from an environmental point of view. Its purpose really is to permit virtually immediate degreasing- which is necessary in cases where the roasted meat or poultry must be served soon. It’s true that turkey holds up well after resting for a couple of hours and so your freezer method is perfect for it, but unfortunately a beef tenderloin or roast chicken isn’t as forgiving. Meanwhile, you make an excellent point about the bags and I only use them when it’s absolutely necessary. In fact, at this very moment, I have in my fridge a measuring cup of chilled drippings waiting to be scraped. I had the luxury of using the scraping method because I did not have to serve the chicken immediately.

  • November 21 2010, 1:13 PM
    Steve King

    For years I have used a glass fat separator. Is the plastic bag method better than what I am presently doing?

  • November 21 2010, 1:38 PM

    In my opinion, it’s MUCH better. Glass fat separators are no better than plastic ones as far as I can tell. Why don’t you give it a try and let me know?

  • November 22 2010, 2:32 PM

    I have used the glass fat separator from Williams Sonoma and have found it to be difficult and ineffective. The Ziploc bag method makes more sense. I have bookmarked your page and will return for more healthful cooking tips. This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for your advice!

  • November 22 2010, 4:06 PM

    I think you’ll be very pleased with the results. Let me know how it goes.
    Have a great holiday.

  • November 16 2011, 2:39 PM
    Charol Karnick

    I also came upon your way to make gravy and I am going to try it this Thanksgiving. Always great to hear about recipes that cut out or down the fat. Thanks

  • November 16 2011, 8:32 PM

    Hi, Charol. Let me know what you think after you’ve tried it.
    Have a great holiday.

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