Trimming Chops
The meticulous trimming of pork chops

Even Julia Child, who was no enemy of fat, recommended removing the layer encircling pork chops. If you don’t believe me , check out her comments on page 202 of The Way to Cook, ” Trim off excess fat, which includes most (or all) of the surrounding fat from the handsome rib chop illustrated here.”   Neither you nor the chop need it, and it takes only 2 minutes to remove.  If you do it, there’s a bonus: Not only will you reduce the fat and calories in your meal, but you’ll also cut  the carcinogens produced when animal fats are subjected to high temperatures.

The method presented here works equally well for steaks and other kinds of chops. The technique isn’t that important. Just get that fat off any way you can!

Kateryna Odyntsova

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