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The best pomegranates are heavy for their size (juiciness)and have unwrinkled leathery skin (freshness)that yields slightly to pressure (ripeness).

- Fact #8

Deborah says: “My cookbook collection covers an entire wall in my living room and overflows into my kitchen and pantry. I’ve chosen the very best ones to share with you. Some of these volumes are out of print but available through secondary sellers on Amazon. I consider them collector’s items and highly recommend them.”

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Seafood recipe Recipes


Grilled Shrimp with Smoky Barbecue Rub

The true meaning of “I’m there for you.”


Shrimp Marinara

Shrimp marinara, a delicious example of classic Italian cuisine.


Zuppa di Pesce

The fault…is not in our clams, but in ourselves.