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Compared to cooked buffalo (a.k.a. bison), cooked beef chuck has almost twice the calories, 7 times the fat, 6 times the saturated fat, 33% more cholesterol, and slightly less protein.

- Fact #14
Hawaii’s Gold Macadamia Nut Oil

Deborah says: "Macadamia nut oil has an ultra-mild flavor and a high smoke point which makes it ideal for stir-frying and high-temperature roasting. It’s my go-to oil in ethnic cuisines whose flavors are not compatible with olive oil. Because it’s healthier than any of them, I substitute it for canola, peanut, vegetable, grapeseed, sunflower, and safflower in any recipe calling for a neutral oil. Oils of Aloha, a small family-owned Hawaiian producer, makes the finest macadamia oil on the market."

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