My weekly Odds & Ends column where I discuss whatever comes to mind about food, health, the website, and more.

Odds & Ends A number of visitors made interesting and useful comments this week...

Odds & Ends Fennel feedback and other matters

Odds & Ends Constructive criticism from an old friend...

Odds & Ends Computer woes, Skinny Joes, and what Deborah knows...

Odds & Ends A Doctor's Kitchen goes global and Fennel with Garlic and Parsley goes Top 9.

Odds & Ends Georgie Fear comes to A Doctor's Kitchen and the Boston Globe comes to my home.

Odds & Ends The president of Swiss Diamond USA answers Deborah's questions about his cookware.

Odds & Ends First, the Idaho potato; then the Vidalia onion; next the Macomber turnip?

Odds & Ends A Doctor's Kitchen makes new friends abroad.

Odds & Ends Home Improvement