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Odds & Ends

Posted By Deborah On November 15 2009 @ 7:56 PM In Odds & Ends | No Comments

A Doctor’s Kitchen had computer problems this week which took some time to correct.

Store Woes

If you attempted to buy either macadamia nut oil or hulless barley in the Store and were unable to do so, I apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will try again. There was a bug in the program, and the Buy now button was dead-ending somewhere in the “cloud”. Now all systems are GO and you shouldn’t have any difficulty. If you do, please send me an e-mail ASAP.

Skinny Joes (make an unscheduled cameo)

The recipe for Skinny Joes snuck into Recipe of the Week some time on Wednesday without my knowledge. I didn’t catch it until Thursday, when I sent it back to the Spa, where it belonged. The glitch had something to do with WordPress arcana, and I think we finally have it under control. Skinny Joes will appear legitimately in Recipe of the Week next Monday. Even though it has been accessible in the Spa for several days, it’s so easy and tasty that I decided to give it a brief run in the top spot right before the holiday. If it lightens your load in the run-up to Thanksgiving, I will have accomplished my mission.

What Deborah knows (about cayenne pepper)

I was interviewed recently by Monica Bhide of  WashingtonPost.com. The topic was cayenne pepper and she asked me to provide 5 easy ways for people to increase the cayenne in their diets. I began by saying that I’d seen recipes for everything from cayenne-spiked oatmeal to ice cream,  and then went on to make my own recommendations. Just by coincidence, my husband and I were at J.P. Licks, a local ice cream parlor, the evening the article was posted. Their flavor of the day was “el diablo”, chocolate ice cream with CAYENNE PEPPER. It was amazing! I called the chain’s executive chef the next day to get the details and, though he wouldn’t give me the recipe, he told me that it contained equal parts cinnamon and hot pepper. So, I got out my ice cream maker and tried to duplicate it. While I liked his version for its more pronounced spiciness,  my chocolate (El Rey 70%) was so much better than his that there was no contest. It’s now my absolute favorite flavor!

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